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Logo designs & branding for equestrian professionals and other small businesses.

Your Business Needs a Logo

A well-designed logo is a visually appealing, relevant, and memorable graphic that serves to distinguish and promote your business. Your logo can be used on everything from business cards, decals, signs, stationary, websites, billboards and more!

The Logo Design Process

Logo Design Questionnaire

The purpose of the logo design questionnaire is to gather information on your business, industry, and design requirements so that I can design a logo that is effective, attractive and relevant.


Using the information from the logo design questionnaire, I will begin to research your industry and competitors in order to have a better understanding of the project and your design needs.

Concept Design

This is where the fun begins! I begin to brainstorm and sketch out as many ideas as I can. Sketching on paper is not only fun but an efficient way to come up with some good rough ideas.

Logo Design

Once I’m happy with some of my ideas I can begin to design them in Illustrator. At this point I will send a couple of concepts to the client and let them decide which one they like most. We will discuss the types of revisions and changes they would like to see to the initial design.

Logo Review

The revised logo is sent to the client for review. Additional revisions to the design are made if requested.  Once an agreement has been made on the design, the final logo will be sent to the client.

Office Perks Logo Concept
Office Perks Logo by Equine Designs

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