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Equine Designs offers flexible web design options for equestrian professionals, farmers, and other small businesses.

Your Business Needs a Website

Yellow Pages and Phone Books are a thing of the past! Most likely your clients and customers are searching for you online using computers and smart phones. If you would like your business to be found, increase your sales, and build your clientele… then you need a website!

Not Just Any Website

Looks aren’t everything! If your website only looks beautiful but does not meet today’s standards in website code, is not optimized for search engines, has poor content, and is not mobile responsive… then you might end up with a website that never gets seen.

Designed for Performance & Useability

I have a background in SEO (search engine optimization) and strive to build websites that will perform well in the search engines. I believe that having a website built on a solid foundation with clean code is more important for your business then having just a beautiful looking website. I see all too often people getting stuck because they’ve spent their entire marketing budget on a great looking website that doesn’t generate any leads or sales.

At What Cost, Part Two - By Christina Passey

Image © “At What Cost, Part Two” By Christina Passey

Think about that in terms of performance horses – good conformation, soundness and a solid foundation are much more important qualities than the color and markings of a horse. All that chrome is just a bonus! Fortunately, I bring the best of both worlds. My web designs function at their best and are also beautiful to look at!

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Website

A few more reasons why you need a website for your business.


Promote Your Business and Services

Do people know that your business exists? Having a website ensures that you will be found by the people searching.

Establish an Online Presence

Take your business to a whole new level by improving client and customer relationships.


Improve Communication

Over 30% of North Americans use emails & text messaging to connect. Without a website, you might be missing out!

Improve Credibility

Credibility is essential in order for potential customers and clients to trust & use your products and services.

Affordable & Flexible Advertising

Marketing your business online allows for a wider, more cost-effective distribution compared to other strategies.

Reach a Local, National, or International Market!

Having a website to promote your business makes your products & services instantly available to anyone, anywhere!

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